Facebook post criticizing Holy Prophet (SAW)

Facebook post criticizing Holy Prophet (SAW)

DHAKA: At least four individuals were killed and about 50 harmed on Sunday after police terminated at a great many individuals fighting a Facebook post by a Hindu who purportedly maligned the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), authorities said.

Horde assaults over Facebook presents apparent on be profane have developed as a significant cerebral pain for security powers in Bangladesh, where Muslims make up approximately 90 percent of the nation's 168 million individuals.

Around 20,000 Muslims exhibited at a petition ground in Borhanuddin town on the nation's biggest island of Bhola to require the execution of the youthful Hindu man, who was captured on Saturday over charges of inducing strict pressure.

Police said they opened fire in self-preservation after a portion of the group tossed rocks at their officials.

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